Who We Are

The company that started its operations in the year of 1982 in Kyrenia expanded in a short time and performed initiatives in the telecommunication field. Our expanding company moved its activity centre to Nicosia and enhanced its objectives. It broke a new ground in the telecommunication field and brought GSM Network into the use of public. The company fulfilled 18-substation supply, installation and commissioning projects on various locations within the boundaries of TRNC. We are honoured to be a leader company in the electricity field. Being aware of the importance of electricity energy for the Turkish Cypriot community, our company had a vital role in the regeneration and development of national electricity network, and has become one of the pioneer companies of TRNC and will continue to be. Our Vision: Knowing the significance of energy for communities, the vision of our company is to contribute the development of Turkish Cypriot community through providing the innovations in the field and to improve the competitiveness in the global market. Our mission: Our mission is to ensure the implementation of electricity infrastructure technologies that would serve in the public interest and contribute the national efficiency.


Energy is our business in Cyprus.


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